Ray Obiedo And Mambo Caribe

by chipboaz on November 24, 2016

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When most people think of Latin Jazz in the San Francisco Bay Area, they come to the idea of experimentation and genre cross-pollination. In a lot of ways, this is absolutely true, as Bay Area musicians have seamlessly moved between Caribbean and South American styles, funk, jazz, rock, and RnB. It’s also a very smart approach to boundary bending, as there’s a huge respect for tradition in the Bay Area; as a result, there’s a number of studied, knowledgable musicians.

Guitarist Ray Obiedo has long been a big part of the Bay Area music scene, and he’s made a big impact upon the area’s Latin Jazz community. From the early influence of James Brown during his youth in Richmond, California to his 1978 tour with Herbie Hancock, and his long time association with timbalero Pete Escovedo, Obiedo has been a musical chameleon, absorbing the best pieces of each style. This all comes together in Obiedo’s Latin Jazz work, which combines Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, funk, smooth jazz and more. That’s all apparent here, as Obiedo plays with his group Mambo Caribe, featuring vocalist Sandy Cressman.

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