Pablo Aslan Playing Tango On The Grill – El Amanecer

by chipboaz on December 14, 2016

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We often associate a number of qualities with a music that become blanket statements for our understanding of the music. These qualities get in the way of a deeper understanding of the music, convincing us that we know the music well. The reality is that we are believing stereotypes about the music, never really taking the opportunity to dig deeper. In most cases, these blanket statements are based in fact and certainly, there are pieces of truth there. The problem is that styles are broad and diverse; you really can’t sum them up in a couple of ideas. Tango is one of the styles that falls into this predictament all the time – for most people, tango is passionate, romantic, and dramatic . . . but the word jazz never comes up.

That’s a bit of a fallacy, and fortunately, we have musicians like Pablo Aslan to help us understand the connection on a deeper level. While jazz has never been a huge part of tango, it does have a tradition called “tocar a la parrilla” or “to play on the grill”, which deals with improvisation around the song’s melodic content. When Astor Piazzolla revolutionalized the style with “Nuevo Tango”, jazz harmonies played a big part in his compositions. Aslan has taken both of these pieces of tango history and built upon it with a new blend of jazz and tango. Aslan integrates an equal combination of jazz-tinged original compositions and tango standards into a unique blend that honors both traditions equally. Today’s video shows Aslan and his group in action, playing on the grill, over a tango standard, “El Amanecer.”

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