The Next Generation Of Latin Jazz: The Curtis Brothers

by chipboaz on December 15, 2016

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Latin Jazz needs new ideas, new techniques, and new energy on a regular basis to keep the music alive, vital, and growing. Contrary to popular belief though, “young blood” isn’t the only thing that will move this music into the future. Youth on its own doesn’t insure a positive future for the music. That fresh perspective that comes with youth needs to be tied to a connection with the past and a hunger to learn. We need young musicians that will build on the past, forging new paths into the future while extending established traditions. We need young musicians that won’t be satisfied with “good enough”; they need to work continually to refine their craft and understand the music on a deeper level while forging their own unique approach. It’s a tall order that requires serious musicians with insight beyond their years.

If there’s a bright light pointing at the future of Latin Jazz, it’s certainly emanating from the combined musical potential of The Curtis Brothers. Originally hailing from Connecticut, pianist Zaccai and bassist Luques started forging their musical path at The Artist’s Collective, working under NEA Jazz Master Jackie McLean. Both brothers headed to Boston for college, Zaccai at the New England Conservatory and Luques at the Berklee College Of Music. Following a college, the group made a move to New York and they’ve been extremely busy ever since. Luques got a high profile gig playing alongside Eddie Palmieri while Zaccai found himself playing with heavy duty musicians like Papo Vazquez, Jerry Gonzalez, and more. They’ve recorded several albums under The Curtis Brothers Quartet name, as well as backing artists like Ralph Peterson, Bryan Lynch, and more. They’ve established Truth Revolution Records, a collective label that has been releasing a number of quality albums for a few years. They’ve just released a fantastic new Curtis Brothers Quartet album, Syzygy, which you can find for sale on BandCamp HERE – check out a live performance from the group below and the go pick up Syzygy!

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