Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, & Sal Cuevas Playing Picadillo

by chipboaz on December 16, 2016

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It’s always interesting to see more advanced musicians in different contexts, hearing their artistry rise to new levels of inspiration. When musicians advance in their careers, they generally become bandleaders, meaning that they are playing with the same musicians on a regular basis. There’s a beauty in this; as any collective of musicians spends more time together, they form a tighter musical connection. Still, that means that they are around the same musical ideas and rarely encounter other approaches. A chance to jam with other musicians pushes them to discover different ideas, having the react on the spot to things outside their comfort zone.

Today’s video features a collection of four Latin music masters in a descarga on a Latin Jazz standard – Charlie Palmieri on piano, Sal Cueves on electric bass, Tito Puente on timbales, and Ray Barretto on congas playing Puente’s “Picadillo.” With the exception of Cueves, each of these musicians were band leaders, and in fact, they were very successful, very busy bandleaders. By the time this video was filmed, they had all played together at one point or another, across a variety of contexts. Jam sessions like this offered some good things for listeners, creating the opportunity to hear all their heroes together. It was also a chance for these outstanding musicians to bring back new ideas to each other and push each other in new ways. This is an amazing piece of history that shows Puente, Barretto, Palmieri, and Cueves coming together to have some fun, push each other, and continute their impressive growth as musicians.

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