Antonio Carlos Jobim & Herbie Hancock Performing Wave

by chipboaz on December 20, 2016

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While Latin Jazz and straight ahead jazz may exist as distinctly different lineages, there’s no doubt that they are members of the same family. Musicians from both lineages have shared compositional ideas, techniques, instruments, harmonies, rhythms, and more. We’ll hear straight ahead musicians play Latin Jazz and vice versa, all on a regular basis. This exchange has been a positive growth for both types of music, leading towards a constant evolution on both sides of the equation. That’s why family reunions between straight ahead jazz and Latin Jazz musicians are so important – it leads to the free flowing exchange of ideas. Ultimately, these exchanges lead to the spread of new musical concepts and the evolution of both musics.

There’s some amazing ideas being exchanged in today’s video when some iconic musicians get together to play Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Wave.” At the start of the video, Jobim himself walks onto stage with none other than pianist Herbie Hancock, which accounts for a major meeting of minds. Let’s also notice that Ron Carter is playing bass as well, a player that has made a mark in both modern jazz and Brazilian music. It’s pretty interesting to see the way that Hancock’s musicians support Jobim with both respect and a rhythmic intensity; made special note of the slides up and down the neck from Carter. The most beautiful part of the video is the moment when Hancock sits next to Jobim at the piano. Yes, there’s that amazing solo from Hancock, but it’s really the smile on Jobim’s face as he watches Hancock solo that brings the whole thing full circle. This is one family reunion worth seeing!

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