Charlie Sepulveda, Perico Ortiz, and Eddie Feijoo Trading Trumpet Solos On The Brick Wall

by chipboaz on January 13, 2017

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Something exciting happens when you get several musicians in the spotlight playing the same instrument on stage. There’s a certain type of camaraderie that comes from the shard experience of mastering the instrument, finding your voice through that instrument, and then making a career out of that instrument. There’s also the simple rarity of the experience that makes it special – most times the spotlight only shines upon one person; when it sits upon a shared group, it usually brings out the best in those musicians. In reality, there’s also a small piece of competition that happens when several musicians that share the same instrument are sharing the stage – it’s that little push from each musician to play just past their peers. In any case, it’s almost always a recipe for success that leads to some extremely exciting music.

Today’s video finds three trumpet players from Puerto Rico taking the stage, as Charlie Sepulveda, Perico Ortiz, and Eddie Feijoo trade ferocious solos. These are three important players on the Puerto Rico music scene – from Sepulveda’s impact upon Latin Jazz to Perico’s huge name in salsa and Feijoo’s overall influence on the island’s music. The context for their trumpet gathering sits in Sepulveda’s song “The Brick Wall” from his album The New Arrival. It’s exciting to see these musicians mix things up within the song, first trading whole choruses, then fours, before trading with other band members, breaking down the texture for intense breaks, and then bringing things to a sizzling climax. There’s no holding back here – it’s a full embrace of the excitement and joy of the experience, resonating with blazing fast runs, screaming high notes, and tense rhythms. It’s a great example of what can happen when you get three top notch trumpet players on the stage together – this is one to be heard and seen!

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