The Thrill Of New Discoveries: Chico Pinheiro Perfoms Boca de Siri

by chipboaz on January 19, 2017

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Did you ever discover an established musical artist and feel like something significant has been passing you by for years? It’s almost a feeling of loss – something astounding has been happening and your stood on the sidelines for years while everyone else had a great time. That’s when FOMO kicks in big time; that’s right, your Fear Of Missing Out gets the best of you and you impulsively track down everything that you can by that artist. You track down all of the artist’s albums, as well as the ones that they’ve guested on. You dig through YouTube for hours trying to find live performances of songs to observe every little musical subtlety the artist brings to stage. Then there’s the seemingly endless web searches that lead to interviews, bios, reviews and interesting commentary about the artists work. Despite the awful initial realization, it can be an exciting and fulfilling process that can lead you to a deep appreciation of a new artist.

That’s exactly what I experienced when I recently discovered the work of Brazilian guitarist, vocalist, and composer Chico Pinheiro. Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1974, Pineiro found music quickly and started playing professionally by the age of 15. He pursued an interest in jazz at the Berklee School Of Music, graduating with a strong set of skills. He released his first album in 2003, Media Norte Meio Dia, garnering some huge attention in Brazil. He followed this with another critically acclaimed album, the self-titled Chico Pinheiro. Pinherio has found a long list of collaborators throughout his career, and his third album, NOVA, spotlight his work with guitarist Anthony Wilson. By the time that his fourth album, There’s A Storm Inside, was released, Pinheiro was getting attention from around the world, elected as a Rising Star in the The DownBeat Annual Critics Poll. Pinherio’s music is strongly rooted in jazz with lush melodies so typical of Brazilian music; it’s a wonderful step forward for Brazilian Jazz. At this point, I feel like I’ve got a lot of listening ahead – which is an exciting prospect – but for the time being, we can all enjoy this live performance from Chico.

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