The Perfect Connection Between Song & Artist: Cachao Performing Descarga Cubana

by chipboaz on January 27, 2017

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Sometimes a song just fits the personality, musicianship, and artistic vision of a person so strongly that it becomes forever associated with them. In a sense, it becomes their “theme song,” calling them to mind every time that we hear that familiar combination of notes. Maybe it’s a song that was a massively popular hit for them or a song that they played every chance they got. During their life time and beyond, it’s impossible to talk about one without the other, helping us remember both the musician and the work that they contributed to the world.

If there’s one perfect example of the connection between song and artist in the Latin Jazz world, it exists between bassist Israel “Cachao” Lopéz and his beloved Descarga Cubana. Cachao was an early adopter of jazz and improvisation in Cuba, actively engaging his interest on top of extensive work playing classical and dance music in Havana. Along with a number of his peers, he would spend his time “after hours” playing improvised descargas into the next morning. Cachao and his fellow musicians got the opportunity to record these descargas at one point, resulting the in classic Cuban Jam Session albums. The highlight of these albums was the energetic and attention grabbing “Descarga Cubana” – between a catchy bass line, an unforgettable Cachao solo, and a heavy groove, this was a timeless track. Latin Jazz and salsa musicians played this descarga for many years, always quoting Cachao’s playing at every opportunity. When Cachao returned to the limelight with Master Sessions, Vol. 1, the album included a new version of the track, this time dubbed “Descarga Cachao,” recognizing the song’s importance to his legacy. Without a doubt, this is Cachao’s “theme song,” a fact that’s enthusiastically apparent on today’s video, which features the legendary bassist playing alongside a number of important musicians, including Paquito D’Rivera, Pete Escovedo, Nestor Torres, Sheila E., and more!

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