Flora Purim And Airto Moriera Live

by chipboaz on February 8, 2017

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When Airto Moreira wrote and recorded “Tombo In 7/4” for his 1973 album Fingers, he helped us look at samba in a whole different light. Previously, the jazz world had fallen in love with the swaying two beat feel of samba, excitedly integrated the music’s joyful energy. Airto was always forward looking musician through, and stretching the potential of samba was part of his nature. It’s possible that we could find examples of people playing samba in 7/4 before the release of Fingers; I wouldn’t be surprised if someone beat Airto to this achievement. Still, Airto made this musical transition in a way that was slightly funky to fit the times, was very jazz rooted, and was seen very publicly by people around the world. Whether he was the first or not, he led the way for the jazz world to see samba as a music could be rearranged into an odd time signature.

This was a natural occurrence for a musician that spent a career exploring new horizons. Airto started playing music at a young age and soon found himself collaborating with important musicians like Hermeto Pascoal. Once he moved to New York, he quickly became immersed in the jazz scene, where he eventually connected with Miles Davis. Airto joined Davis on his journey into fusion, providing a serious groove for live performances and albums, including the legendary Bitches Brew. Once he left Davis, Airto stayed involved in fusion, playing with both Weather Report and Chick Corea’s Return To Forever. Along the way, Airto and his wife Flora Purim created strong careers as leaders and collaborators, producing a consistent string of fantastic albums.

Today’s video features Airto performing “Tombo In 7/4” with power and conviction, in a setting so natural, we forget that we’re not grooving along in 2!

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