David Sánchez Live With Edsel Gomez, John Benitez, & Antonio Sanchez

by chipboaz on February 14, 2017

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Over the past couple of decades, Latin Jazz has drifted further away from its dance roots through the work of many modern musicians. These artists have looked towards odd time signatures, increasingly dissonant harmonies, and heavy doses of freedom to expand upon their connection to the music of South America and the Caribbean. Personally, I love this change, as it brings more depth to the music, forces musicians to really understand the cultural connections within the rhythms they are playing, and it makes listeners look at the music from a different perspective. It’s a whole new generation of music that builds upon the past instead of repeating it.

Saxophonist David Sánchez has done some fantastic work pushing Latin Jazz into new and interesting directions while holding onto tradition. Starting music at a young age, Sánchez quickly gravitated towards the music surrounding him in Puerto Rico, which included bomba, plena, and the music of the greater Caribbean. Jazz soon caught his ear, and his progress on the tenor saxophone took him to Rutgers University in New York. Surrounded by the amazing scene in the jazz capitol, Sánchez quickly found himself playing with top Latin Jazz musicians while finding a voice among modern musicians. Soon Sánchez had several solo albums, was a member of the cutting edge SFJazz Collective, and was looking at the music in a new light.

There’s tradition, experimentation, freedom, and new ideas galore in this video of Sáchez performing live with pianist Edsel Gomez, bassist John Benitez, and drummer Antonio Sanchez. From quoting Trane to playing off clave, Sanchez delivers a truly forward thinking performance!

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