Bringing New Life To Old Songs: Sofia Rei & Jorge Roeder In Duet

by chipboaz on February 15, 2017

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Today’s video features two strong artistic identities on distinctly different instruments – Sofia Rei on vocals and Jorge Roeder on bass. These two performers often share the stage surrounded by a full cast of musicians, so they know the details of each other’s musicality. Roeder brings a powerfully rhythmic identity to the bass, which at times contrasts the melodic nature of the vocal. Rei has a deep knowledge of folkloric music though, and she can match the intensely percussive nature of Roeder’s bass. As a vocalist, Rei also brings a deeply thoughtful preperation to performance that includes sharp dynamic changes, colorful articulations, and flowing phrasing. Roeder matches this detailed approach to performance with virtuosity that allows for busy bass lines full of large interval leaps, rapid fire runs, chordal parts, and compositional voice leading. When these two musicians get together, there’s so many musical tools on the table, that the possibilities seem limitless.

It’s the limits that make these two performances absolutely captivating though. Both Roeder and Rei employ their prodigious skills and instincts in deference to the needs of the song. Their performances are supportive of each other and cleverly crafted to tell a story. They certainly put a personal stamp on both of these songs, but they use their artistic voices to bring new life to the songs. It’s an inspiring artistic combination that goes beyond the artists themselves and leaves us with undeniably memorable music.

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