Elio Villafranca & John Santos Playing Prestame La Bicicleta

by chipboaz on February 20, 2017

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There’s been plenty of debate about the differences between Latin Jazz from the East Coast and West Coast. It’s an interesting discussion – artists from both areas of the United States have taken different directions in the music. These have been based around different aesthetics, which guide artistic decisions. I think it’s fair to say that Latin Jazz from the East Coast sounds different than Latin Jazz from the West Coast. Musicians from both sides of the country bring important ideas into the genre though, and both have a strong lineage that has contributed to the evolution of the music.

Instead of concentrating on the differences between East Coast and West Coast Latin Jazz, today’s video brings together both worlds. This clip features Cuban pianist – and current New York resident – Elio Villafranca, playing with West Coast legends John Santos, Dave Belove, and Orestes Vilato. When these four musicians are on stage, there’s no differentiation between East Coast and West Coast, there’s simply great music on display. This is a must-see, must-hear descarga with a ferocious groove and an abundance of spontaneous improvisation – it’s a deep statement that transcends location.

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