Roy Hargrove & Crisol Playing Una Mas

by chipboaz on February 24, 2017

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The history of Latin Jazz is littered with stories about traditional jazz musicians that developed a passing interest in Afro-Cuban dance music. In most cases, these stories ended with one album that touched upon the music without going too deep. The musician surrounded themselves with the same musicians that formed their standard groups, resulting in music that had a “Latin tinge” but really just sounded a lot like their previous efforts. While albums like this may have become an interesting footnote in Latin Jazz history, they were really shortsighted efforts that didn’t embrace the music’s cultural heritage.

When trumpet player Roy Hargrove wanted to explore Latin Jazz, he formed Crisol, a serious Latin Jazz group loaded with heavy hitters. Hargrove wisely surrounded himself with folks that knew the music intimately, creating a frame work for great music that would also advance his own knowledge. Just look at the rhythm section in this group – Chucho Valdés on piano, John Benitez on bass, Miguel “Anga” Diaz on congas, José Luis “Changuito” on timbales, and Julio Barretto on drum kit. If you can’t learn to play in clave next to those folks, there’s something wrong. The group also included Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sanchéz and frequent Papo Vazquez collaborator Sherman Irby on alto sax. This was a serious group contributed to the music and brought Hargrove authentically into the music – check them out playing a show stopping version of “Una Mas.”

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