Guris: Celebrating The Music Of Hermeto Pascoal – New Album From Jovino Santos Neto & André Mehmari

by chipboaz on March 2, 2017

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Two of Brazil’s finest keyboardists, Jovino Santos Neto and Andre Mehmari, have joined forces to honor composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. Jovino is a three-time Latin Grammy nominee and amongst the most respected Brazilian musicians of the day. He has recorded a huge body of work – six CDs for Adventure Music alone. A respected educator, a valued sideman, and a master composer and arranger, he (as does Pascoal) considers his music beyond category, neither classical, jazz, nor Brazilian, rather “above it all.” Andre Mehmari represents the best of the younger generation of Brazilian musicians, highly regarded in both popular and classical worlds. His compositions and arrangements have been performed by important Brazilian orchestras (OSESP) and chamber ensembles (São Paulo String Quartet), and he has attained international attention as a jazz and pop artist. Both Santos Neto and Pascoal were heroes of his growing up.

To celebrate Hermeto’s 80th birthday, they selected ten mostly unrecorded gems from his vast archive, and the result is rich with creative abandon, joyful rhythm, and telepathic interplay. Says Santos Neto, “we both dove deep inside the many colors and moods of Hermeto’s music, emerging energized and inspired by the experience.” Pascoal is a living legend, not only in Brazil but also throughout the world. Jovino was keyboardist and musical director of Pascoal’s band for many years and has remained devoted to his music.

On this recording Mehmari plays piano, Fender Rhodes, harmonium and bandolim; Santos Neto plays piano, melodica and flute. Jovino allows that “Hermeto’s music demands total dedication, freedom and discipline from whoever wishes to interpret it. His melodic motifs, rhythmic freedom and harmonic progressions inspire flights of improvisation beyond what anyone thought was possible. This music was born under a giant Brazilian tree, with roots in the vast countryside and diverse cities of our country, its branches reaching far into other worlds never before imagined.” Indeed there is an abundant spirit that infuses this loving, life-affirming tribute to a beloved mentor.

You can get more information at:
Jovino Santos Neto’s Website
André Mehmari’s Website

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