Jovino Santos Neto & André Mehmari Celebrate Hermeto Pascoal on Guris

by chipboaz on March 7, 2017

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It’s interesting to see how an influential musician can continue shaping the musical world throughout multiple generations. When someone make music with depth and integrity, it doesn’t fade away. Instead, the music ages like a fine wine, taking on new meaning as each generation provides their own unique perspective upon it. Through arrangement, reconstruction, and recontextualization, we learn more about a musician and their music; so each time we revisit it, we learn something new. Those lessons stay with us, influence our ideas about creating music, and carry the musician’s legacy into the future.

Hermeto Pascoal sits as one of the most influential musicians from Brazil, and we’ve got an interesting opportunity to see the impact of his work when Jovino Santos Neto and André Mehmari release Guris in July. Santos Neto knows Pascoal’s work intimately through his first hand experience playing with the composer for well over a decade. He has since gone on to create his own legacy, but Pascoal remains an important figure in the work of Santos Neto; there are few more passionate supporter of Pascoal than Santos Neto. Mehmari is a pianist from a younger generation, who has made his mark in the jazz, classical, and pop sides of Brazilian music. He’s long cited both Pascoal and Santos Neto as heroes, so he knows their music well. The combination of these two musicians celebrating Pascoal’s work seems like a treat that will be both informative and inspiring.

We’ll hear Guris in July, but we don’t need to wait – we can check out a preview video today with the two musicians playing and speaking about Pascoal.

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