New Cultural Connections: Hiromi Suda Performs Sou

by chipboaz on March 9, 2017

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We generally think about Latin Jazz as the combination of two cultures – North American jazz with traditional and dance music of South American and the Caribbean. In a lot of ways, this is true – the music holds it’s roots in the Americas and that’s where most people place their energy. The twenty-first century has challenged this idea as jazz – Latin Jazz and beyond – has become a worldwide phenomenon. Musicians in Europe, Asia, Africa, and more have started playing this music. It’s only natural that different pieces of their culture would find their way into Latin Jazz.

Vocalist Hiromi Suda has spent time finding a balance between her interest in Brazilian music and jazz with her Japanese heritage and the results are absolutely beautiful. Growing up in a musical family, Suda began writing songs at a young age and studied jazz vocals as a teen. In her college years, Suda moved to Boston to attend the Berklee College Of Music in 2005 and it was there that she discovered her love of Brazilian music. This inspired her to travel to Brazil in 2007, where she spent three months digging deeper into her passion for all kinds of Brazilian music. She recorded her first album Ogawa in 2008 before moving to New York and connecting with musicians such as guitarist Romero Lubambo. Her latest album, Nagi, combines Brazilian rhythms with jazz harmonies behind Japanese vocals, bringing a rich cultural mix to the foreground. It’s a beautiful combination that you can hear in today’s video feature, as she performs “Sou.”

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