Remembering Dave Valentin (Part 5): Obsesion

by chipboaz on March 16, 2017

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The Latin Jazz suffered a major loss this past Wednesday March 8, 2017, as flautist Dave Valentin passed away. Valentin had suffered several strokes over the last five years and had begun to experience the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. It was especially tragic to see the influential flautist die at the young age of 64.

Despite his young age at the time of his death, Valentin’s career was filled with bright moments that made an impact upon modern Latin Jazz. We’re going to dedicate this week’s video features to Dave Valentin’s career, checking out live performances from different pieces of his career.

Fortunately, Dave Valentin was recognized for his prodigious talent during his life time on many occasions. He was loved among the musicians who shared the stage with him, and they talk of the flowing musical idea that came from his flute. He was a fan favorite that served as a huge draw at every festival, club, and concert hall that he inhabited. Whenever the public needed a person to represent Latin Jazz, Dave Valentin was always one of the first choices to sit in the spotlight. That’s exactly what’s going on in today’s video, as Valentin plays through a classic Latin Jazz standard, “Obsesion,” on Dr. Billy Taylor’s short lived Legends Of Jazz television show.

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