Conrado Paulino Quarteto Performing O esquilo em Olinda

by chipboaz on April 13, 2017

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Technical virtuosity is an impressive thing for any musician to display, especially when it’s put into a fuller musical context. An advanced amount of dexterity shows that the musician has spent an impressive amount of hours on their instrument and they’ve reached a level of mastery that many musicians never capture. Right away, that technical element sets the musician apart from their peers, often grabbing everyone’s attention at the same time. If that’s the only thing driving a musician’s performance though, they’re only going to hold an audience for so long. A musician needs to support their technical abilities with an artistic concept and an evident connection to style, history, and musicality. When you combine technical virtuosity with equally impressive musicianship, you’re going to guarantee an unforgettable performance.

Brazilian guitarist Conrado Paulino and the members of his Quarteto each bring a high level of virtuosity to their instruments and an astounding amount of musicality to each note they play. Between two albums, the self titled Conrado Paulino Quarteto and Quatro Climas, the group blazes through high energy sambas, deeply emotive ballads, swaying bossa novas, symphonic settings, and even swinging jazz. There’s a wealth of furious unison runs between Paulino and pianist Debora Gurgel, complimented by arranged hits and interactive embellishments from bassist Marinho Andreotti and drummer Percio Sapia. The improvisational sections communicate with the multiple languages of jazz, traditional Brazilian styles, and modern ideals, while expressive individual ideas from each musician. There’s certainly chops galore throughout each performance, but it’s so deeply rooted in rich musical ideas – that artistic core is the attention grabbing element every time. Today’s video finds Paulinho and his Quarteto performing a piece from Quatro Climas, “O esquimó em Olinda,” and delivering a spell binding combination of energy, technique, and awe inspiring musicality.
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