Re-Contextualizing Music: Michel Camilo New York Big Band Playing Caribe

by chipboaz on April 16, 2017

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Re-contextualization is an important part of the creative process during the life of a song. It forces listeners and musicians to look at the song from a different angle and find new sources of inspiration. This many mean putting a song in a different instrumental setting, or even performing the song with a completely different set of musicians. An artist might totally rearrange the song, putting it in a new rhythmic context or re-harmonizing the melody with a fresh collection of chords. There’s so many ways to breath new life into a song, consequently introducing it to a new audience; the only thing required for this to happen is a constantly evolving creative vision.

If there’s one musician that never has a shortage of creativity, it would be the ever effervescent pianist, composer, and bandleader Michel Camilo. Each time that he touches the piano, there’s something new and exciting exploding off the keys, always filled with intense emotional content. He’s the same way as a composer, infusing all his music with powerful twists and turns that take his listeners on an exciting ride. With all this in mind, there’s a definitive starting point for Camilo, and he’s always game to look at his music from a variety of angles. The pianist spends most of his time in a trio format, but he’s experimented with many different contexts, including the big band in today’s video. This clip finds Camilo taking the fiery song “Caribe” – which he originally recorded with his trio – and re-envisioning it in a big band context. The results are pretty mind blowing, giving us a new and awe-astounding perspective of Camilo and his music.

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