Exploring Choro With Anat Cohen & Trio Brasileiro – In The Spirit of Baden

by chipboaz on April 17, 2017

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Bossa nova and samba get most of the attention when we talk about Brazilian Jazz, which is a bit of a disservice to Brazilian culture. There’s no doubt that those two styles are important parts of Brazilian culture and they’ve played a big part in Brazilian Jazz. Still, Brazil is a large country with a rich musical heritage; stopping with bossa nova and sambe ignores so many things. When jazz musicians look past those two connections to Brazil in bossa nova and samba, they find a world of possibilities – the results can be stunning.

Anat Cohen is a musician that has spent a large part of her career digging deeper into Brazilian music, focusing much of her time on choro. With complex melodies, rapid tempos, and regular flights of improvisation, choro is a music that requires virtuosic ability, a fearless love of improvisation, and a vast rhythmic vocabulary. Cohen has all these qualities in large supply, a fact evidenced in every performance that she delivers in collaboration with the group Trio Brasileiro. They have a new album arriving in April, Rosa Dos Ventos, which once again finds the four musicians performing awe inspiring feats of musical genius around Brazilian song. We’ll have to wait for late April to hear the whole album, but today’s video has the group playing some choro live; it’s a pretty impressive and downright fun demonstration of the depth and beauty of Brazilian music.

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