Poncho Sanchez Mambo Inn & Green Dolphin Street Mash-Up

by chipboaz on April 18, 2017

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At this point in jazz history, the standard repertoire that we’ve come to know and love presents an interesting proposition to modern musicians. This collection of songs – many of which are close to a decade old – is the required training ground for jazz musicians, so they are hammered into the collective conscious of the jazz world. Some musicians have a deep affinity for these songs, while others have learned to despise each one. Regardless of a musician’s preference, these are the songs that much of the jazz audience expects to hear, and when a musician plays them, they do provide a sense of legitimacy to that artist. Let’s remember that many of these songs are close to a decade old though and they’ve just been played so many times . . . in so many ways. The challenge for the modern musician becomes finding a way to play these songs that is both personal and familiar; this is a tall order.

In the Latin Jazz world, there’s not many musicians that find that balance between tradition and forward motion than percussionist Poncho Sanchez. Following the lead of his former boss Cal Tjader, Sanchez has embraced the rich world of jazz standards with enthusiasm and made them his own. Sanchez is a smart musician and he realizes that these songs need some polish to grab his audience’s attention; he also realizes that simply putting some different rhythms behind the songs doesn’t complete the job. His book is full of smart arrangements that find standards sitting alongside new compositions with equal footing. With the frequent help of arranger and trombonist Francisco Torres, each arrangement takes a slightly different approach, keeping the tradition alive with creativity and variety. In today’s video, Sanchez is performing a mash-up of standards, putting together Mario Bauza’s “Mambo Inn” with “On Green Dolphin Street,” presenting two classics from an inspired perspective.

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