In The Studio Andy Gonzalez Recording Misty For Entre Colegas

by chipboaz on April 19, 2017

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I’ve spent so much of my life listening to audio recordings, and they never cease to inspire interesting thoughts for me. There’s the musician in me that considers the technical aspects of the music and what the artists had to physically do to create each track. The artist in me sits back and looks at the inspiration behind the music, thinking about the creative decisions that the musicians made to make their performances stand apart. The journalist inside me takes an analytical perspective upon the music, comparing the sounds to music history, contemporary ideals, and more. Without a doubt, there are too many voices in my head when I listen to music, but the strongest one is probably the hard core fan. This is the person that simply just wants to see what happened in the studio and capture every last detail of the musician’s experience.

As a bassist and lunatic fan of Latin music, I’m always looking for an opportunity to see and hear Andy Gonzalez in action, especially when it’s a behind the scene look like today’s video. When Gonzalez recorded his debut album as a bandleader this past year, Entre Colegas, it was a pretty big deal. He’s been a driving force behind Latin Jazz and salsa, laying down the foundation for artists like Ray Barretto and Eddie Palmieri, and collaboratively guiding Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquiño, Orquesta Libre, as well as Jerry Gonzalez And The Fort Apache Band. This is an artist that has steered the course of the music for decades, but he had never released an album as a leader before 2016. Fortunately, the folks at Truth Revolution Records realized the importance of the session and captured some of it on film. This is a dream come true for the fan in me, so check out today’s video and enjoy a studio perspective on the recording of “Misty” for Entre Colegas.
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