A Bright Future For Dominican Jazz: Josean Jacobo Y Tumbao Performing La Maña

by chipboaz on May 11, 2017

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While less common, several musicians have pursued the idea of putting rhythms from the Dominican Republic alongside jazz harmony and improvisation. There have been a number of Latin Jazz songs that have integrated merengue into a jazz context, giving improvisors a different set of rhythms for inspiration. Many of these early attempts brought merengue from the dance floor to the Latin Jazz rhythm section though, creating a surface connection to Dominican culture. Today, a new generation of jazz musicians from the Dominican Republic are making the connection much more concrete and apparent. These musicians are making sure that we know music from the Dominican Repubic consists of more than merengue, and they are injecting Latin Jazz with a healthy dose of folklore. At this point, there’s a future in sight where Dominican culture makes it’s way into Latin Jazz in an authentic fashion.

That new generation of musicians from the Dominican Republic include pianist Josean Jacobo, who is doing inspiring work with his group Tumbao. Originally from Santo Domingo, Jacobo built his skills on the island, taking in a variety of musical styles while refining his piano skills. He traveled to the Berklee College Of Music, where he earned a degree in jazz composition and deepened his understanding of jazz. Jacobo’s and his group Tumbao recorded their first album Setting Things in Order in 2013, making a strong debut. They’ve recently released their sophomore effort, the must-hear album Balsié, which includes a powerful mixture of Dominican rhythms and true jazz improvisation. There’s a sense of honestly, intelligence, and insight in Jacobo’s Latin Jazz blend that points towards a future filled with memorable jazz steeped in Dominican culture. You can get a sample of that blend on today’s video feature, where Jacobo and his group perform “La Maña” – enjoy!

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