Family Reunion In San Francisco: Hermeto Pascoal Performing At SFJazz

by chipboaz on May 21, 2017

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When a group of musicians make music on a regular basis over the course of many years, they become something more than a band; they become a family. There are so many shared experience that happen through music; of course, there’s the time spent on stage and all the preparation that goes into making concerts happen. Then there’s the travel, the lodging, eating together, the conversations, the new relationships, and so much more. Bands that spend years together walk away from that experience with the same type of connection that brothers or sisters. It’s inevitable that family members will eventually go their separate ways though, starting families of their own; it’s sad, but it just means that there’s an important event in the future – a family reunion.

When Hermeto Pascoal returned to the San Francisco Jazz Festival for a performance in the beautiful SFJazz Center, that’s exactly what we got – a family reunion. On this occasion, he was joined by members of his long standing and best-known group, including bassist Itiberé Zwarg and pianist Jovino Santos Neto. As always, “O Bruxo” was in full form, but there was also magic in the air that made the night special. The undeniable insight that these musicians shared between each other, the clock perfect syncronicity, and the basic family ties made the music come alive. When there’s this type of connection on stage, another bond is made,between performer and audience; on this night in San Francisco, there’s was magic everywhere. Fortunately, this event was caught on tape for all to see, so today’s video feature is Hermeto Pascoal and group on stage in San Francisco – enjoy!

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