The Strength Of Musical Relationships: Humberto Ramirez & Giovanni Hidalgo

by chipboaz on May 28, 2017

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Ideally, friends bring out the best qualities in each other, and there’s one place where this is extremely apparent – when friends are on stage making music together. Of course, friends aren’t one hundred percent necessary on stage; music is a business and professionals can succeed in any situation. At its core though, music is a social art form built on relationships; so when the musicians on stage understand each other, they can take the music to new places. It’s partially a matter of trust, and it’s also largely due to familiarity – there’s so many things that go into the equation. When we put a group of knowledgeable musicians with strong relationships together, it inevitably leads to an exciting evening. Today’s video feature has two great friends collaborating, and the musical results are exhilarating – trumpet player Humberto Ramirez and percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo share the stage for some high energy Latin Jazz. This was a special event at the 2012 Heineken Jazz Festival, where Hidalgo joined his old friend Ramirez’s group for the night, and it’s explosive! Enjoy!

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