Embracing Freedom: Frank Emilio, Cachaito, Changuito, & Tata Güines en Descarga

by chipboaz on June 6, 2017

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Summer is right around the corner and that means one thing is looming large in the near future – freedom. For students around the world, they are free from the confines of a school schedule, the pressures of academics, and the expectations that follow them throughout their classes. Teachers appreciate this freedom too, as the lack of responsibility, the lighter schedule, and the increased choice about their time brings a different edge to their lives. The public in general loosens up due to the warmer weather and the lighter tone of society, putting a certain lifestyle change into the air. Freedom is everywhere during summer, meaning that we should embraces these liberties with enthusiasm.

If there’s type of music that epitomizes freedom, it would be the descarga. A place where musicians can flex their creative chops within loose structures, descargas bring out the best in many Latin Jazz musicians. It’s a musical situation where artists can be indulgent and forget about the concerns of audiences and business. The descarga is all about exploration and expression; as a result, it’s pretty fun. Today’s LJC Video Feature shows a group of iconic Cuban musicians having a great time in a descarga – Frank Emilio, Changuito, Tara Guines, and Cahcaito. This is a lively session that captures the freedom and excitement of the descarga at the highest level. Enjoy!

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