Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive: Yasser Tejeda & Palotré Perform La Vereda

by chipboaz on June 23, 2017

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There are many things that keep Latin Jazz alive and vibrant, but at the core of the style, it’s cultural traditions that keep the music moving forward. Other musical elements are important pieces of the puzzle – things like technique, theory, and stylistic knowledge are all essential bits of knowledge for Latin Jazz musicians. Yet, they are using rhythms, songs, and settings that define people and places; it’s vital that they understand that connection. Whether they are mixing jazz with dance music, sacred music, or folkloric music, they need to understand the people behind the music. They’ve got to see how this music has When that understanding motivates the music, you’ve got a powerful sound that will connect with people at a visceral level.

Today’s Latin Jazz video feature finds guitarist Yasser Tejeda and his group Palotré connecting with the cultural traditions of The Dominican Republic in a jazz context. “La Vereda” is a melody of songs from “La Sarandunga,” a tradition from Baní, the capital town of the Peravia Province on the Southern side of the island. “La Sarandunga” is a centuries-old Afro-Dominican celebration that takes place yearly on June 23rd, 24th, and 29th, in devotion to Saint John the Baptist. Tejeda re-contextualizes the music in a way that is modern, allows for the flexibility of jazz, and maintains a strong respect for the culture. From the percussive intensity of the music to the distorted growl of Tejeda’s guitar, this is a piece of music that presents Afro-Dominican traditions with a fierce pride. This is some must-hear music – enjoy!

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