Putting The Guitar Front And Center: José Cornier Performing Siempre Contigo

by chipboaz on June 28, 2017

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Today’s LJC Video Feature puts the guitar front and center in an Afro-Cuban setting with Jose Cornier and his group performing Siempre Contigo. The guitar has an interesting relationship with Latin Jazz – it’s an essential piece of some styles such as Brazilian music and flamenco, but it’s often overshadowed by the piano in an Afro-Cuban context. The guitar has a greater connection with Latin Rock when it comes to Afro-Cuban music, largely due to the massive influence of Carlos Santana. Cornier brings all of these elements together into a unique blend in his music, connecting with flamenco techniques, rock energy, and jazz influenced harmonies, all over assertive Afro-Cuban rhythms. His most recent release, Just For The Love, finds his guitar balancing between these different words with a practiced finesse, delivering music that is smooth and polished, with a firm connection to traditional styles. It’s a nice mix that reflects upon his guitar nicely. Our video puts Cornier in a live context, as his group performs a track from an older album En Mi Camino, “Siempre Contigo” – enjoy!

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